Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Starting the foundation

After a beautiful and eerie start to the morning (see pics below), the foundation guys got started on laying out the dimensions on the pad.

Nice sunrise setting off...

...then the fog rolls in...

...and settles over the lot.

I made a fuss about getting the south side to face true south and after much pivoting and square rooting, the first walls were fixed. It's been a while since I used Pythagora's rule but it came in useful to check everything was square. Hopefully all the dimensions will be set and boards up by the end of the day, with the backhoe coming in to dig the footings sometime tomorrow.

Back kitchen corner set.

The Oak is greening nicely :)

Have also finalized the patio doors - i)3-panel, 12'x7'; ii)4-panel 12'7', iii) 2 panel 6x7 from Andersen. They are all low-e double paned to increase energy efficiency.

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