Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Time to move on...

We've done a lot of work on the house recently as we have decided to put it on the market. Along with new gutters, bermuda sod, tiling a bathroom, painting, refinishing the siding and odd jobs around the house, the place has never looked better.

We have loved living in the house and the whole building process (well, only I enjoyed that part!) Now we are hoping to move somewhere new to experience a different side of the USA.


  1. My wife and I recently came across Kokoon Homes and are thinking about the same house plan you used with some slight modifications. Can you comment on the quality of their product and would you recommend using them?


  2. Hi James, I would recommend the Kokoon product but not the people at Kokoon. If you can find a similar product through a different company I would check them out instead.

  3. What software product did you use for the design process?

  4. Bob- I used sketchup for the floorplan and eventually the 3d model.

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  7. This post hints at something I have wanted to ask based on other comments dotted here and this a design you FULLY originated yourself (on SketchUp) and was not designed by Kokoon,they simply acted as the supplier?

    Which leads to the other question ....are you willing or able to share the plans so another SIPS contractor can make us a home like this in Colorado?

  8. Hi, hope this conversation is still active...Hope you and Vanessa have found a new home sweet home.

    My husband and I just recently came across Kokoon homes and are planning to build one in a mountainous area in CA. Your blog happens to be the most informative about the product. Would you mind letting us know how comfortable was the finished interior habitable environment and how well does the house insulate in winter? Thank you!