Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spray. Trim. Hang. Tape.

So it's been a while since the last posting on this blog but lots has been done. First off, the electric wiring and plumbing was completed and signed off on by the building inspector.

Thankfully, we also had our last exchange with Kokoon homes when they came to spray the insulation in the upper areas of the house and over the wiring. Arriving 9 hours late and staying till 3am, they then refused to trim the insulation, meaning that Vanessa and I had to do it over the next 3 days, delaying our drywall crew.

The foam needed to be cut flush so that the drywall could be hung.

Though our relationship started off well enough, once the pressure was on them to produce, deliver and install they became very flaky in their execution, were awful at communicating and rarely met a deadline. Dave Rades hired unskilled college kids, blamed his equipment (that he didn't maintain properly), people he couldn't rely on (pot meet kettle) and refused to pass on bad news, preferring to avoid our phone calls. Every subsequent subcontractor has complained about having to fix his mistakes and said they'd like to box his ears in!  Needless to say we are happy our dealings have finished and we can enjoy the house. If you are interested, check out my mid century modern furniture business Trystcraft . I find, restore, refinish (no chalk paint!) and repair mid century modern furniture and ship it worldwide.

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