Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY Bench no. 2.

I've been spending a lot of time looking at bench designs as we need one for our 'hallway' by the door. It's the first thing I've really designed and built from scratch so the process has been a really good experience. 

As always, I made alterations and tweaks along the way such as changing the distance between the slats (wider as you move away from the centre) and leaving a gap between the end of the slats and the frame. I also made good use of the table saw again, cutting a step out of the top piece making a ledge for the slats to sit on and for cutting mortices in the bottom pieces. The materials cost about US$15.

The two iterations of the design in Sketchup (this one has more slats and is slightly longer)

The shed and table saw set up.

It's great to be woodworking outside on days like this

The frame pre-oiling. (Very messy shed, I know) 
Test assembly success!

After the stain/seal had dried

Here you can see the mortices are staggered: 2" and 1" deep and the opposite on the other side

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  1. Great DIY! I lack when it comes to constructing furniture, but this, this is nice! Quality craftsmanship!

    -Keystone Contracting Corp.

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  3. Hi, I was just wondering if you could send me the width of the wood you used for the frame of the bench? Thx

    1. Hi Willie - the frame is just 2x4s and the seat slats are 1x material. The top of the frame has a 3/4 lip/rabbet cut out of it for the slats to sit into. I did this with a dado blade but it can also be done with to opposing cuts on a normal table saw blade. Hope this helps

    2. Thanks Tim I really appreciate the help!

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