Monday, January 16, 2012

Finishing touches...

I finally finished the underside of the roof today, after a long process of framing out between the rafter, attaching 2x4s to nail to, cutting and hanging plywood and last of all cutting the metal trim on the fascia. We are very happy with the finished look and it makes a big difference. 

The pond froze for a couple of days in early Jan.

The catfish we put in in May are doing well, I caught this one this afternoon.

My reward after finishing the roof - fishing time! (Note grubby jeans as proof of hard work completed)

In winter, some trees have leaves. Other trees don't. Fact.

I did some vista pruning and also played around with some of the logs we used when we were sealing our siding.


  1. FIRST.....why vanessa never told me of your blog is beyond me. SECOND - you'd think she'd read my "about me" section and take not that I went to school for fish and wildlife and seeing channel catfish excite me more than anything else.....well excluding maybe a brown bullhead or other catfish type (as they're my more fav) I love this land - consider me envious and it's my dream to do what you've done here!

  2. Hello, was was looking to business with Koon homes, how was it and are these panels very strong?