Wednesday, April 11, 2012

George Nelson inspired table and odd jobs

Since I've started running again (training for a 50K in October -arghhh!) I've had far too much energy and so I've gotten round to finishing jobs and projects that have piled up.

In the past week I've cleared out and organised the storage shed, building in some shelving, a workbench and lumber racks.

 I've also installed a front door handle - for about six months we've had only the deadbolt lock in, meaning we had to lock it every time we went in and out or the door would swing open and the cats would make their break for the wild outdoors. It was very pleasing to reuse the old handle I found in the shed and for the installation to go well without ending up with a big hole in the door!

I also finished the table I mentioned in this post, building legs and finishing it with clear polyurethane. It measures 34" x 34" x 14" and was made from a single 2 x 6, using the table saw to rip the slat thickness. It will work well as a bedside table in our guest room. My other George Nelson bench is in this post.

 If you are interested, check out my mid century modern furniture business Trystcraft . I find, restore, refinish (no chalk paint!) and repair mid century modern furniture and ship it worldwide.

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