Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A fox, a big(ger) bass, new table design, grass seed.

We've had a couple of visits from a fox, one at night and one in broad daylight - we think he's after the neighbour's chickens which are free roaming and not shy about crowing. I got a couple of shots of it the second time:

Both shots were taken from our bedroom window.

The fox spotted me here but didn't seem to bothered and hung around for another 5 minutes or so.
 I've also been more successful at targeting the bass in the pond with lures, managing to catch 3 in about 20 minutes today. This was the biggest one I've caught yet.
Big mouth!

 I've also been playing around with a variation on the George Nelson bench I made in November (click here for that blog post)

Smokey strikes his 'aloof model' pose.
The variation has four square slat modules arranged perpendicularly to each one next to it.

The table saw makes things a lot easier - I was able to do in a day what took me almost 5 days just using the mitre saw in November.

I haven't decided on the legs/stand for this one but will post the final product soon.

I also spent today manually-tilling, sowing grass seed, raking and covering with straw the area around the front of the house. That was hard work!

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