Sunday, February 19, 2012

A (not so) slippery slope

Part of the building inspector's checklist required us to stabilize the slope behind the house. I had a great time moving the + 200lb railroad ties (sleepers in UK) end over end into position at the base of the slope, then strawed (for the purpose of this blog it's a verb) the bank to reduce soil erosion. The two were definitely a visual improvement and the gravel was like a lick of new paint.

Straw, railroad ties and gravel. 
I like the way the gravel highlights the roof overhang after rain.

Now we need to get the grass seeded.
 I got a table saw for my birthday has meant I've been spending lots of time learning how to use. It's great to be able to get accurate cuts, angles and bevels and to be using wood thats wider than a 2x6. Here is a little stand I put together from some scraps:

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