Thursday, April 14, 2011

Into the trenches!

View from NW - the trenches inside are for the roof truss load bearing walls.
We had some major backhoe action today, footings dug and the main water line too.

I was again impressed by the operator's skill (Gene), handling the powerful machine with finesse. He lined the machine up with great precision, using a practice swing (like in golf) to ensure each scoop followed the lines true. At one point towards the end of the session he used the bucket and supporting legs to walk insect-like over one of the trenches he'd dug in order to keep the large wheels from collapsing the sides of the trench. He was at it for 3 and a half hours non-stop and was more than happy to dig the water line from the pump to the back of  the house after the footings had been done.

He says he's been driving bulldozers/backhoes for 30 years and it shows. He took over the business from his father like many other of the family-run businesses in the area and these guys have been superb to work with - very dependable, on time, always willing to give their advice (often about how to stock the pond with fish!) and genuinely friendly guys to boot.

First footing trench dug
Steam rises from newly excavated soil.
The worst people to work with so far have been the biggest company - Georgia Power- impossible to get them to commit to specific times/days - luckily we've finished with them for a while.

We're expecting rain tomorrow afternoon, hopefully not too much and the trenches will have time to dry out over the weekend ready for the forms to be built and rebar put in prior to inspection then pouring mid-next week.

Steam rising from the pond in the early morning

View from across the pond.

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