Sunday, April 17, 2011


Vanessa and I drove down to the land to see what we could do about the footing trenches that had filled up with rainwater on friday. Using buckets we began the mucky process of bailing out the water and made surprisingly good progress. It's so great to have a wife who's eager and able to get stuck in with the unglamourous side of housebuilding!
It was quite tough as you had to squat right down to get the bucket lip as deep into the trench as possible while keeping the bucket just below horizontal while at the same time making sure to stand back from the edge to prevent any soil collapsing into the ditch.
Then the very unnatural action of hurling the bucket contents as far away from the trench as possible all add up to some very strange aches.

We thought we'd celebrate our effort by busting out our brand new aerobie action in the sun - cut to 5 throws later and SPLASH! The aerobie lands in the pond and slowly sinks away into the murky depths - I saw this as the perfect time to make my case that we need to invest in getting the pond aerated, clear...and well-stocked with fish of course :)

Was also good to get a phone call (mid-Skype call with my Mum) from Ray the concrete guy this morning (Sunday morning, Southern USA?) saying he'd gone down yesterday (Saturday) to dig a ditch to drain off the water, and to generally check in. Hopefully things will have dried up enough to get the form work done/started tomorrow!

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