Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Footprint

So the house footprint was laid out and the key lines sprayed ready for the backhoe to come in to dig the footings early tomorrow morning. I have to admit I got quite excited when I saw the lines all join up and the familiar step/zig-zag outline appeared on the pad.

Plan (Stepped side faces south)

View from the South West

View from the North West

As always seems to be the case with floor plans/walls when I walked it, it seemed a lot smaller than 2000 sqft, but I just have to keep telling myself thats an illusion. But why does that happen? I've stared at the design and the 3d rendering for hours while designing it, but it's still quite a jump from floor plan to the real thing. Weird.

Oh and in case you were wondering why the boards seem a bit wonky (as I did), its because they are used to pull right angled triangles off (see below), thus speeding up the squaring process and are leveled to act as guides for the top edge of the slab. Luckily I twigged to this before I marched up and told them they were blind, incompetent fools  :)  (they did a great job)

Fingers crossed the weather holds out and we can get the forms built, rebar in and concrete poured in the next couple of days. Progress!

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