Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So close yet so far...

We've got the boards up on the foundation giving a definitive footprint of the house. Rebar has also been cut, bent, tied and put on chairs (to raise it a couple of inches within the concrete when it is poured.

We had gravel spread across the slab areas(i.e. not in the footings) and are now waiting on the plumber/electrician to get his pipes etc in place before we can get the whole thing inspected and finally poured. Unfortunately we had a very heavy rainstorm and it looks like we'll be delaying the pour till at least Friday, maybe Saturday.

This would give us just enough time (7 days) for the slab to cure to a decent the walls arrive next Saturday (30th)!!!! They'll be erected over the weekend with the roof trusses in the week and hopefully the roof will be relatively water tight by the 7thish? 

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