Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pond views

Panorama from the south side of the pond, house site at left. (click for full size)

Had another encounter with a snake today, maybe the same individual snake, but not sure. Caught it on video:

If you look carefully at 1:10 you can see some fish swim under the snake to its left.

Caught more sunfish/Crappie today, a couple of nice ones (hand sized), and a couple of ridiculously small ones. Bait wasters!

There are also a pair of Canada geese that frequent the pond when we're not around - here they just did a fly-by to let me know they're not amused. Now I know how the control tower in Top Gun feels, (and why Goose is named Goose?). Luckily, no hot coffee to spill on my freshly pressed military issue trousers. I was wearing shorts. How did we end up here? Oh yeah, geese:

I like the use of air brakes by the lower one.

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