Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Half a roof

The roof panels finally arrived today, a day before we're scheduled to have thunderstorms, but there you go. The first roof section over the master bedroom went up and the effect was dramatic - the full height of the vault is impressive and the thickness of the panels is really pleasing to the eye. The complete side profile 4' foot front overhang is great.

Vanessa and I have been hard at work on the siding and we are quickly becoming a well-oiled siding machine, tackling the longest wall today. She not-so-secretly enjoys nailgun duties :)  We covered about 50% of it despite having to drive an hour round trip to exchange a faulty compressor we bought just last week. I was impressed with how easy it easy to exchange - I was in the shop for a whole 5 minutes before walking out with a new one.
The longest wall (North-facing)

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