Friday, May 6, 2011

Interior wall framing

6/9 of the interior walls were framed today, the key load bearing walls included. I found the process fascinating - I've never seen framing done before, having lived in reinforced concrete buildings for 95% of my life- and once they were up it was brilliant to see the separate rooms delineated in 3d and not just lines on the floor.

The first wall to be built was the master bedroom/bathroom divider

The above mentioned wall in place. Door to bathroom at right.

The back bathroom wall up..

The east kitchen wall / closet + laundry room wall.

Where the kitchen wall meets the load bearing wall opposite the front door. 

(Far) The load bearing all at the back of the two smaller bedrooms.

Nice clear day for framing - though everyone's sunburn may disagree.

Panorama of house with interior walls framed.

Below is a walkthrough I filmed pre-interior walls just to get an idea of the space:

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