Friday, May 20, 2011

Siding test

Today I put the first batch of cedar siding up on the west wall of the house and I'm really pleased with the look it gives -   a kabillion times more appealing than the green Zip system boards! 

Close up of the siding- the plank on top is really interestingly coloured.

After a false start yesterday -I mitre cut the planks at 45' instead of bevel cut at 45' (rookie mistake) - I started fresh and managed to get on a decent chunk despite the hot weather. Luckily the west wall stays shaded from early morning till noon and then again from 3-6pm as we are on an east facing slope.

 I'm starting on the west wall with the theory that my skills improve as I work my way round to the front and most often viewed and closely scrutinized areas.

This photo gives a better view of the different roof levels
 We've also had Derek, a local framer, on site helping us to catch up with things that need to be done, and he's been a great help.

Tomorrow Vanessa is running a half marathon so please wish her luck and give her some motivation on her site!

She is mega excited and bugging me to stop blogging so that it for this post. Have a nice weekend y'all :)

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