Monday, May 2, 2011

The house takes shape

All the external wall panels were set today and the house really took shape. Everything fit snuggly and very few on site modifications/trims were needed. Dave mentioned a couple of times that he was impressed with the concrete foundation (being accurate in dimension and level) which was good to hear. A month earlier our soil compaction tester had said he was impressed with the quality of the pad compaction, so hopefully these observations will continue as the project progresses.

Video of the last panel being set. (Click the play button, bottom left)

Dave (in blue) and John get started on the panels 
Dave trimming the panel for a better fit. (1/8" difference)

Lower west wall set.

29/31 panels set. Kitchen has 2 large windows closest to camera

View from inside the house - surreal white and green, almost x-files like!

View from South west. Windows and openings covered with plastic to protect wood jambs.

View from West. Metal brace provides support until lag bolts are set.

View from North west.

View from the driveway (South)

All in all a pretty successful day, with the internal walls scheduled to be framed on Friday, roof trusses delivered and installed Monday/Tuesday. Though its set to rain tonight and tomorrow, the outlook appears good for the next 10 days or so.

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  1. Great progress Tim, really starting to move fast now! Checking your updates everyday now!