Monday, October 3, 2011

More wildlife

Well,  the deer must have read my last blog post because they showed up this evening, hopefully because I built a little make-shift deer feeder and sprinkled some corn around it.

Typically, the deer spotted me just as took the first photo. The deer feeder is the bucket on the stand to the right.

The two had a bit of a conference.

Then decided to head off into the woods.

There were also a lot of large birds of prey out today.

I though this was quite an interesting shot.

The cats are enjoying the house, spending most of their time dealing with the dilemma of lying in the sun or sprawling on the wooden floor in the shade when they get too hot.


Yesterday was also the first time we experienced cold weather while in the house. It went down to 39F/4C outside but stayed around 68F/20C inside. The house really benefits from passive solar gain, with the living room especially warming up nicely with the sunrise and throughout the day. We still haven't had the heating system on which has saved us a bit of money electricity-wise.

Cold morning: Any excuse to wear my bathrobe.

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