Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wildlife at home

 Here's a selection of images of life in the garden...

Our driveway leading out to the main road.

Interesting salamander that crawled onto our porch at night. Note the spider tight next to her.


Bluejay mid-flight

So you're thinking, 'Oh thats a nice little spider'...but then you get  a closer look (below)

Yes, those are hundreds of baby spiders on its back'. Note the freaky green eyes.

This green anole (lizard) spends most of his time hanging out on my storage shed. 

The deer seem to like these little berries. 
This is a Great Blue Heron poaching my fish. 


The grass carp have grown big and now spend most of their time swimming in pods and hanging out under the shade trees.

The cats are enjoying watching the outside world too.

It was only a matter of time before Silka (the climber of the two) made it on to the trusses.

She hadn't had as much fun in ever and was pretty grouchy when we cut off her access (a well placed cardboard box did the trick).

We've also seen alot of deer in the garden but never seem to have the camera handy. Will keep on trying to get some snaps.

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