Sunday, October 23, 2011

Animal Antics

The change in seasons seems to have the animals in the area acting up, though none more so than our own cats, the more adventurous of which, Silka, escaped and spent 30 hours outside. Considering she's a house cat from Hong Kong, I'd guess it was an enlightening experience, although judging from where we found her, I'm not sure she had as good a time as she thought she might. My father in law Nik, Vanessa and I tracked her down to a 50 foot pine tree in the woods nearby, chainsawed it down- 

...she was at the very top-then chased her through the woods for another 30 minutes or so until she was completely exhausted. I managed to get close enough to throw a blanket over her and take her back to our warm house.

The 50 foot pine - Silka's home for the night.

She settled back in very quickly- after gobbling up food, she slept for most of the next day.

Smokey didn't seem that bothered by it all.

We've also had a couple of goose squadrons buzz our house in the morning

And last night we had a opossum come right up to the patio doors and try to get in. The cats were suprised to say the least. 
Smokey freaked out - his tail gets all bushy when he's stressed.
 The opossum returned later that night when we were in bed, it seemed determined to get one way or another.

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