Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still waiting...

The wait for our roof continues and aside from being incredibly frustrating, it's really holding things up. With visitors (family/friends) scheduled for mid-July, the pressure is on for things to get done in all-too-quick succession. We are working really hard to get the siding/cladding as complete as we can so that when ready, we can get on to the flooring.

For us to get to that stage, we need the roof panels, metal roof installed, electric wiring completed, drywall and painting done. Vanessa and I have been starting work as early as possible (6:45am) to beat the heat - its reaching 95F (36C) by 11:00- then coming home to chill out before going back for another 3 or so hours at 5pm.

Here are some more shots of the siding:

The 48' back wall up to about 8'6"

The front bedroom windows up to the 8' mark.

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