Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Patio doors in finally!

The patio doors arrived today and two were installed, the third will go in on Friday. These not only let in a lot of light but will allow us to continue putting up the siding on those front walls - we had to wait in order to get the siding to lie flush with the sides of the patio doors.

Three 3'x3' windows will go above the 3 panel door (the missing hole is just temporarily boarded up.

The A/C air ducts are now snaking over the closet and up above the trusses in the main room.

Jerry, electrician/plumber reckons he'll be finished by next Friday (26th) allowing the insulation to be sprayed in the remaining parts a.s.a.p. afterwards, then the drywall, assuming it passes the electrical/plumbing inspection :) We will also try to get the vapor barrier and plywood subfloor down before drywalling so that once they are done we can attack the bamboo hardwood flooring.

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