Saturday, December 3, 2011

Heading towards winter

We've been getting frost on a regular basis and the deciduous trees are down to their skeletons. I really like how much the landscape opens up and reveals hidden spots in our area.

The seasonal shift has brought our friendly neighbourhood beaver back to the pond and he/she seems relatively unbothered by my regular traipsing round the pond trying to get some photos. I caught him in a lazy moment as he was tanning on the pond's edge - I think he put off going back in the cold water as long as possible.

We also saw a new deer investigating the pond - the first buck with antlers I've managed to get a photo of.

The changing light has made the area even more photogenic in a way. I've made use of a panorama compiling program called 'hugin' - I highly recommend it - it's free! Below are some panoramic shots and some others that came out well. Click on an image to view it full size.

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  1. Thought I'd let you know that I read every word of yours and Vanessa's blogs and love every word/pic of them. I'm originally from a farm in Wisconsin, but now live in Columbia, SC. I found Vanessa's blog first since I read every running blog I can find, but she directed me to yours. Please keep up the pics! The area I grew up in looks very similar to the land around your home PLUS you are a good writer. Thanks for both!